Monday, October 15, 2007
City Museum

Here's the view of the outside of the City Museum in downtown St. Louis. I took 24 college students to the museum (what a fun part time job!). This is a great place! A group of artists designed the museum entirely out of recycled materials. At some museums, you look at art. At this museum, you play in the art.

The two airplanes you can see in the foreground are linked by a series of catwalks and slinky-like climbing tubes. I scaled the catwalks and made it to both planes, but nothing could entice me to cram myself into a slinky suspended from a chain four stories above the earth.

While climbing in one of the planes, I cracked my head on a metal beam. My head ached the rest of the day (oy!). Most of the students got some sort of bump or bruise while playing in the art. Art can be dangerious business.


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