Monday, May 19, 2008
Katie's Newest Lines

"That's my mommy!"

"Where's daddy?"

"No potty!"

"Mommy has a big bum!"

Ah, such a sweet child... For a while there around her second birthday, Katie always refer to herself by name. She'd say "Do you want a snack, Katie?" It's like she was saying the phrase she wanted YOU to say to her. "Hey, Adult! Ask me if I want a snack, already! I'm starving here!"

Lately she's been trying out pronouns, though "you" and "me" and "I" are a bit of a confusion. For instance, when I go to put her in her carseat, she'll say, "I help you. I help you. I HELP YOU!" At first I thought she was offering to do something for me, but what? I'm not the one who needs to be strapped into that darn carseat! With the urgency heating up with each repetition, it was time for some mom quick thinking. Then I realized what she was asking was a little assistance getting her small bottom into that big, clumsy seat. She's mimicking what she hears, and what she hears is the adults in her life saying something like "Do you want me to help you?" which is close to "I help you", kinda.

Today, during our morning carseat strap-a-thon, I said the usual, "Climb into your seat, cutie-patootie". Once again, she looked at me like I was crazy. The seat is bigger than her by half, so I'm not sure why I made a point of asking her to climb into it by herself each day. It must be something I read in that Montessori book. Anyhoo, I do it every day, and she looks at me like I'm crazy, and then usually says, "I help you." But today, ah today. Today was special. I still got the "crazy lady" look. But she found a new word today. She said, 'You help me" thereby getting the "you" and the "me" in the right place. Brilliant child.


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