Friday, July 16, 2004
Epic Journey
Roving Reporter here, catching up with Laurie and Randy on their Epic Journey to Maine.  The two packed up their car with enough socks, shoes, hiking gear, and junk food to last for the arduous journey.   They drove through six states and on countless highways and biways to make their way.   It’s been a full week since their journey began, so let’s see how they are doing.
RR:      Tell us about the drive to Maine.
L:         Well, we drove hard for two days and ate too much junk food along the way.  That about sums it up.
R:         Thank goodness for Harry Potter.  We listened to book for, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the entire way.  Otherwise, we may have sunk into deep, car-induced comas on the interstate.
RR:      So, you made it to Maine in one piece.  What was the first thing you did when you entered the state?
L:         We stopped at a yarn shop, of course.  Halcyon Yarn carries locally produced wool that is of the highest quality.  Randy patiently waited in the car while I went browsing.  I saw lots I liked and picked up a catalog.  The catalog has given me a lot of fun daydreams, thinking about possible future knitting projects.
RR:      You didn’t actually buy a whole bunch of yarn?
L:         I was strong and resisted. 
RR:      Now comes the interesting part.  Tell us about Acadia National Park?  What do you think of this natural wonder?
L:         The first day we were here, it was beautiful and clear.  We toured the entire park and drove to the top of Cadillac Mountain to take in the view.  The mountain is a craggy chunk of pink granite, and bits green struggle along here and there.  A large bay spread out at our feet, dotted with islands.  In the distance, we could see sail boats gliding into the mist. 
RR:      But then, disaster struck.
R:         That’s right.  On our second day, Laurie came down with an exotic, tropical illness.  A quick trip to the doctor took care of everything.  We were able to get in a hike along the coast that afternoon.  
L:         Good thing we enjoyed the views along the beach and shore cliffs on our second day because we probably won't see another sunny day during our visit.  By Wednesday, the entire island was socked with fog.  On Wednesday, we hiked to the top of South Bubble Peak, thinking we might get above the clouds.  Instead, once we reached the top, all we could see was think swirls of white clouds.
R:         We had to look at postcards in the gift shop to see what the view would have been from the top of the peak!
L:            Actually, hiking in the rain was fun.  It reminded us of our days in Seattle.  The woods are full of wildflowers, and wild roses grow everywhere.  The roses are pink and white and smell heavenly.  We’ve also seen buttercups, little trillium, and dogwood.  On one trail, we found wild iris.  And the rain didn’t stop us from taking a cruise on a sail boat.
RR:      What?  You went out on a sailboat in pea soup weather?
R:         Our motto is Carpe Diem!  The weather report says it is going to rain the rest of the time we’re in Maine, so why not enjoy!  We bundled up and climbed aboard the Margaret Todd, a clipper ship with full sails.  The ship was run by a captain who used a huge wooden steering wheel to guide the ship around the bay.  On board were several sailors who operated the rigging.  The sailors spoke a foreign language, full of words like “block and tackle” and technical terms for all the sails. 
L:         The weather was brisk, and in the fog, we could only see the barest outline of the cliffs on shore.  But it was great being at sea!
RR:      So what next on your Epic Journey?

L:         We have two more days here in Maine.  On Sunday, we head north for Quebec.  Wish us luck!


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