Sunday, July 18, 2004
Late-breaking News Update
The skies over Maine cleared, and we spent our last two days at the ocean enjoying beautiful vistas of the mountains, sailboats, and the sea.  Our last full day in Maine, Randy and I rented bikes and road 15 miles over the carriage roads in Acadia National Park.  One of the fabulous features of the park are the carriage trails, built by the park`s founder to provide a way to enjoy the park free of automobiles.  On one of the carriage roads, we traveled around a rugged mountain (with much huffing and puffing) to a point with a stunning view towards inland Maine.  Our trail then took us around Jordan Lake where we took a refreshing break at Jordan House.  A restaurant has been in operation at this site for over 100 years!  The restaurant`s specialty is something called a popover.  I`m not exactly sure what this was, but it was puffy and served with strawberry jam.  Very tasty!  We dined in the lovely restaurant with a view of the lake and the Bubbles Mountains on the far shore, all the while sitting in our bicycle shorts with our helmuts dangling off the back of our chairs.  We were very refined.  On the ride back, we crossed picturesque streams and spotted a waterfall.  Neither of us fell off our bikes, and we re-learned how to use the gear shifts quickly enough.  It felt good to be "back in the saddle" on a bicycle again.  A fantastic Maine day. 


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