Monday, July 26, 2004
Live Long and Prosper
Late at night on our way home from vacation, we drove the last few miles down a country road.  After spending hours on four-lane highways, turning off onto the country road felt like entering a foreign country.  We were traveling at a slower speed than we had on the freeway, but at the rate the darkened farm houses and rows of soybeans flew past us, I could have sworn we were moving much faster.

The road stretched out straight ahead into a night so dark it seemed like we’d slipped into another dimension.  To top off the perceptual shift, the corn fields along the road twinkled with fireflies.  As we barreled down the road, it felt like we were in a space ship flying through a star field with little blips of light zoomed past at warp speed.  Very SciFi.

From time to time, one of the glow worms got in the way of the windshield. Splat!  The squashed fireflies glimmered for a few minutes on the glass after their untimely demise.  Squish-a-roo, squirt-ola, splits-ville, but what a way to go. 

To infinity… And beyond.


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