Thursday, August 12, 2004
Four More Years, Four More Years!

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Four years ago today, when Randy met me at the front of the church for our wedding, he smiled the broadest smile and a few tears gathered in his eyes. He looked proud and thrilled and a little scared, all at the same time. The thought of seeing him smiling at me across a room full of our favorite people still makes my heart quicken.

For the wedding, I wore into the pretty white dress my mother made. All six of my sisters wore yellow sun dresses Mom designed, as well. Randy wore his best suit and a new tie. Three of my youngest sisters accompanied me down the aisle while three other sisters accompanied us with Pachebel's Canon on cello and violin.

After a brief wedding at a local church, the reception bash was held at my parent's house. All the party fixin's were made by my sisters. Mom and Wendy worked mightily the months before the reception to get the flower gardens behind my parents house blooming. Dad built two lovely arbors for the garden. While my brother-in-law Rick fired up the barbeque, my niece Hannah and her dad Nathan sang song after song for the guests. Pictures were taken by Randy's oldest friend.

It was a beautiful day, and the best part was that we shared it with the people who are the most important to us, our friends and family. With a wonderful beginning like that, it's no suprprise it's been a wonderful marriage.


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