Saturday, August 14, 2004
Random Reasons Why Randy Rocks
Randy has curly hair. Really curly hair that is turning mostly grey. Adorable. The second time Randy and I met for a bicycle ride with a club we both belonged to, he asked me if I thought he should dye his hair to cover the few grey hairs that had snuck into his curls back then. Without a pause, I said, No way! Randy says that's when he knew I had a thing for him.

Randy does the laundry with such regularity, even after four years of marriage I'm still in awe. Say we did the laundry over the weekend and everything is folded and put away. By Tuesday, there's a fair size pile of dirty clothes in the hamper, but I'm still reveling in the fact we got the laundry done over the weekend. Heck, if I've still got clean underwear, I don't feel a big need for firing up the washing machine. Not Randy. By 7:00 PM on Tuesday night, he's put away a stack of freshly laundered towels and T-shirts.

Some nights, I'm inspired to jump up after dinner and do the dishes, but there are other days where I'm content to let them mellow. This is when Randy springs into action. Randy will even do the dishes on Friday night, a time when any dishwasher deserves the night off. He also does the dishes by hand with lemon-scented soap. I find this very sexy.

The other day, the knob on the bathroom sink broke. The faucet still worked, it just looked a little dog-eared. On his way home from work, Randy stopped by Menard's and bought a replacement knob. By the time I got home for the evening, the bathroom had a shiny new fixture in place. Magic!

On our anniversary, Randy met me for lunch at my work. Randy is an alumni of the community college where I'm employed, and we shared a bowl of soup and salad from the same cafeteria he visited as an student. (I love the pictures of Randy from this age. He had this 70's mop of unruly hair curling and he wore thick, black-rimmed glasses. He could have been cast member of Freaks and Geeks.) After lunch we took a walk past the recently completed Technology Center and student apartment complex on campus. I blathered on and on about work details--who's getting promoted, who quit in a storm of passion--and Randy was fascinated by all of it. He even said I wasn't boring him.

Randy is very detail-oriented, and his handwriting is so small and orderly, it looks like it's been typed. I call it Engineer's Script. Randy remembers to pay the bills on time. He can balance the checkbook, a feat I've never actually accomplished. He reminds me when I need to return library books and videos. Thank god one of us is detail-oriented, or I would never be able to find my car keys.

Even with an engineer's orderly mind, Randy appreciate's art and literature. When he was in college, he painted a series of landscapes that make our home into a museum. His paintings are meticulously detailed, of course. He's also a serious reader, and he is now plowing through all the Patrick O'Brian Master and Commander books.

We enjoy the same guilty pleasures, like the TV shows Monk and The Dead Zone, sci/fi movies, all the Harry Potter books, and everything remotely connected to the Lord of the Rings.

Just now, Randy brought in the last piece of rhubarb pie and gave me a bite. Life with Randy is like that. He remembers to share the dessert.


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