Thursday, October 21, 2004

Ms. October

Just watched the Brit comedy Calendar Girls about a group of Women's Institute ladies who pose naked for a charity fundraiser calendar. The ladies model their wares behind muffins or sheet music to keep things tasteful. My favorite is the gal who hides behind her knitting.

I wonder what Randy would think if I met him at the door with nuttin' on but the knitting?

Moving on....

Earlier this year during the month of May, just as it was getting too warm to wear a sweater, I finished a big wooly thing. It's the "Must Have" cardigan from Paton's "Street Smart" flier, and it's knit in Paton's Classic Wool natural grey. Lots of other knitters on the 'Net complained that their version of this sweater came out way too small. To compensate, I added a couple of inches to the length to the hem. So of course, my sweater came out way too big. The sleeves hung gorilla-like down below my knuckles. Very attractive.

Just recently, Claudia shared some advice about adding a crochet reinforcement along the shoulder seam to keep the sweater from stretching out across the top of the back. It occurred to me that the reason the "Must Have" sweater felt so big was because it was "growing" along this seam. I reinforced the seam with a bit of crochet,. Then, Ta-Da, the sweater fit much better. The sleeves are still a bit long, but they are passable. Now that sweater weather is here, and now that the "Must Have" sweater is back to human proportions, it's become my favorite.

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