Thursday, November 11, 2004

May I Recommend

The gardening bug is back with a vengeance. With only a few moments of light left in the evening after work, I've been looking for small garden chores I can still tackle while the weather is mild. Last night, I sowed some winter rye on my little veggie plot and covered the bed with a row cloth. The winter rye seeds smelled just like the rye I used to bake into bread (back in the days when I actually baked bread). I had one of those "so this is gardening" moments as I cast the seeds across the dark soil. Grow little sprouts, grow!

Funny how I did not feel this way at all back in August when the weather was balmy and it would have been the perfect time to plant some shrubs, maybe even a tree, around our bare plot of earth. Ah, but one can always dream about next year's garden.

On my gardening Internet daydream list:

You Bet Your Garden, an NPR radio garden show that features a little humor and a lot of gardening advice.

Kitchen Garden International. The article about sauerkraut caught my fancy, and I enjoyed the brief bio about the Cambodian-American gardener.

The Bookish Gardener, a blog by a Wisconsin gardener who is now shy about her feelings towards the bane of gardens everywhere--the bunny rabbit.

Horticultural, another blog. This one by a UK journalist and gardener

Alas, You Grow Girl has not been updated since spring. Perhaps the site's name was too perky for it's own good. I very nearly purchased one of the "Garden Hoe" t-shirts the site offered for sale.

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