Monday, December 20, 2004

Holiday Knitting, The Post Office, and Miracles

The super-secret, hush-hush, suspense-building, holiday knitting project is finished, and only a couple of days after my self-imposed deadline. I finished the last few stitches Sunday morning, and luckily the post office was open on Sunday, so the gift of a lucky-someone is on it's way.

Sunday at the post office actually proved to be a holiday treat. The lines were minimal, the staff were unharried, and the irritation-level stayed low. All good things this time of year. What's, more, the helpful staff at the Post Office assured me that the surprise package should arrive at it's intended location in a day or two. Whew!

Now, however, I need to finish knitting Randy's Christmas Sweater. No pictures are needed of this project. Just imagine in your minds eye a run-of-the-mill navy blue, V-neck sweater, and you'll get pretty close to what I'm attempting here. The sweater is just over half finished, and knowing my rather slow rate of knitting, it will take a Christmas Miracle of grand proportions for me to finish this by Saturday morning. Given that the college where I work closes on Wednesday at noon, and I'll have 2.5 days around the house to devote to things knitting-related, I just may be able to squeak this one off near-or-about the deadline. That is, if I don't have any bungles along the way. Should I need to rip back both sleeve caps because they don't match up with the body of the sweater, or should the neckline give me fits, all bets are off. I better start lighting some candles for the Christmas MIracle. Or knitting. Knitting would be good.

Something to mull over while I get back at my knitting.

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