Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Usually, I am a monogamous knitter. One project at a time, from the first cast-on stitch to the final bit of fussing with the buttons. One project just takes over my life, and I can focus on nothing else at the same time.

While I'm plodding along with the project, I may dream of other knitting ideas. The urge to buy more wool, the temptation to pick up another set of needles, the wish for something...more... is always present. I may gaze at past editions of knitting magazines, I may page through my binder full of patterns, but usually the desire to finish "old faithful" keeps me plucking along with one project at a time.

Lately, I've been dallying. While Sarah's Baby Blanket gets most of my time, I've been tempted to take up a few new threads. We'll call them side projects. Acquaintances. Mere flirtations until the last patch of the baby blanket is cast off, the boarder stitched, and the loose ends woven into place.

Sock it to me! Posted by Hello

The Swizzle Socks got started in the fall before I devoted myself to Randy's sweater. One sock down, the ribbing band of the other sock barely started. A minor indiscretion, really.

This scarf is light and airy, really! Posted by Hello

This mohair lace scarf is more a bit of doodling than an actual commitment. While I'm always drawn to these autumn colors, the mohair fabric is far too scratchy to actually wear. And it sheds. Every time I pick up this project, I end up coated in fluff. Imagine how the scarf would treat my black wool coat. One turn about town with this scarf on, and I'd end up looking like a shaggy ol' sheep dog.

This scarf is just a passing fancy. I consider it a lesson in lace knitting. Following the chart, recognizing the yarn overs from the actual stitches when they fall off the needle, understanding how the fabric works--that's my goal here. It's all for the benefit of the future lace projects I want to start. This scarf will probably find it's way to the Goodwill Pile once it's actually finished.

Just a few rows of knitting on the neckline Posted by Hello

And Blue Shimmer. This sweater has been calling to me from my yarn stash for a year and a half. I keep promising myself I'll take it up--once I finish one more project. I've told myself over and over to wait until I can really devote myself wholeheartedly to the tiny stitches, the color charts, and stitch pattern. The other night temptation overcame me. I threw caution to the wind and cast on the neck band.

I'd like to turn all of my attention and energy to the sweater, but it is not meant to be. Sarah's baby is due in just six weeks, and the blanket needs my undivided devotion. Patience, Laurie, patience. If there is anything I've learned from knitting, it is delayed gratification.

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