Saturday, June 11, 2005
Cowboy Gardening

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Thunder rumbled in the distance all morning while I was puttering around the yard. The sky was sunny, and the air dry, so it seemed like nothing to worry about. But once I started rebuilding my compost pile, the sky darkened, and drops began to fall.

Meanwhile, the grass in our yard was really looking scraggly. Since we haven't gotten much rain of late, we've let it grow for about two weeks. If we'd cut it any sooner, we'd have just cut off the last of the "green" in the grass.

Randy promised he'd help me mow it today, but with the rain threatening, I didn't think we'd get it done before the cloudburst. Then here comes Randy running around the side of the house with the lawn mower. He was determined to get the grass trimmed before the rains came.

Luckily, we have two matching lawn mowers. This way, we can tackle the lawn in half the time. I went and fired up the second mower, and we did our "synchronized mowing" routine, getting the last patch of lawn shorn off just as the drops began to fall at a steady rate. They entire time we were mowing, I could hear the thunder rumbling over the roar of the mower, and I decided to ignore the lightening flashes in the distance.

By the time we were finished, I was out of breath, clammy from the humidity, soaked from rain, and glad to call it a day. With the rain pattering on the roof, I curled up with a book. Enough cowboy gardening for one day.


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