Saturday, July 02, 2005
Vacation Meditation
Tomorrow at a time when most sane folks will be sleeping in, I'll be catching a plane headed for Oregon. Two glorious vacation weeks are stretched out in front of me like the Yellow Brick Road.

Today was my last ditch effort to get the garden ready. I watered absolutely all day. Luckily, the weather has cooled off the last couple of days. It actually felt good to be outside today, and it was overcast, so it wasn't a bad day for the water to be running at high noon.

The veggie garden got the kid-glove treatment. The finest of weeding, a extra layer of mulch, a little pruning where needed, plus a thorough watering with the soaker hose. The final touch was a good bit of encouragement for all the veggies to stay alive while I'm gone. We'll have a substitute gardener (Randy's dad) stopping by from time to time, but the pep talk made me feel better.

One final task in the garden was to harvest any veggies that looked even close to ripe. For lunch, I made an entire meal from home-grown vegetables. Steamed bush beans, broccoli, and beets, plus a green salad on the side. The taste was amazing. Who new beets were so delicious?

For the next two weeks, I'll blog when I can from the road. Bon Voyage!


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