Sunday, September 11, 2005
Wallaby Woo!
My summer vacation knitting projects are finally done. And I thought I could finish both projects during the two weeks I was in Oregon. Silly me!

Both sweaters are from the Wonderful Wallaby pattern. Love the pattern! I made both sweaters the same Size 4, but one turned out a little larger than the other. I think this is because of the kind of yarn I used. The blue sweater is knit from Encore "colorspun" yarn. It knits up with subtle stripes. The yarn is 25% wool and 75% acrylic, and it is not a bad yarn to work with at all.

The multi-color sweater is knit with a whole bunch of leftovers. I like the varigated pocket and collar. Of course, I ran out of the purple yarn I used on the body of the sweater, so I had to buy a little more purple to finish it off.

My knitting sister Wendy finished her Wallaby a couple of weeks ago. You can see a picture of her kids modeling it on her blog. Her sweater if fabulous!


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