Sunday, October 30, 2005
Puttering 'Round
I almost forgot how great it feels to work outside in the garden. This weekend, I gave the garden a good cleanup. Look at those carrots! The purple ones are Cosmic Carrots. They are bright purple inside, but taste like regular 'ol carrots. This is definitely the best batch of carrots for the year. Tonight I'm going to serve 'em up with a little butter. Mmmm.

We also got the last of the green peppers and some tiny onion bulbs. This marks the end of the season for my first veggie garden, and I think the whole experiment worked out well, morning sickness and all.

More clean-up tasks await. There must be a vole wrecking havoc along the back boarder. Little holes have popped up all through the bed, and the plants don't look too happy. I'm not sure how I will catch the critter.

And the drought still lingers. We've gotten some rain this fall, but not as much as I'd like to see. I need to continue watering so my shrubs and perennials will make it through the winter.

There's leaves to be raked, more weeding to be done, and beds to be tidied up. Plus the compost pile needs a good turning. I'll probably need some help with this particular chore. Oh Randy!

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