Sunday, January 22, 2006
Another Pregnant Photo
At some point in the last week, I officially crossed the line into the third trimester of my pregnancy. So far, I'm feeling great. I've been doing yoga, eating healthy (mostly), and getting lots of rest, so I think things are going well.

There's nothing like being woken up by a very active baby at 5:00 AM in the morning to bring home the reality of this pregnancy. This morning, I believe I felt hiccups for the first time. Pre-dawn tap-dancing sessions have become a pattern over the last month or so, and I think we're destined to have an early riser in the family.

In garden news, our weather has been so mild the last couple of weeks, I had planned to get outside to do some very-late clean up in the yard this weekend. Ah, I should have taken advantage of the sunny, warm days while they lasted. We got a couple of inches of snow on Friday, and it will probably be around for a few more days. If the weather cooperates, I'm itching to get outside to do some clean up chores while I'm feeling energetic and can still bend over. I'd also like to do a little winter sowing in some of the flower beds. That way, I can greet our April baby with some spring color in the garden.

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