Sunday, July 09, 2006
So Big
Kate has already grown out of her smallest onesies and sleepers. I am excited about all the new things she can do, now that she is three months old. She's started to grasp at things, and she interacts with her toys a bit these days. I can't wait until she reaches more developmental milestones. What a day it will be when she can roll over on her own!

Ah, but I'm already a little nostalgic for the time when Katie was at her smallest. I know in my heart this was actually a rather stressful time. I think I operated in a mild panic through Katie's first whole month here on Planet Earth.

We've definately gotten to know each other a little better in the past three months. But there is something about my memories of Kate as a tiny baby. Those wrinkly newborn fingers and toes are special, no doubt about it. I've been trying to write this entry without using the word "precious". But it can't be helped. The first days of a baby's life are simply precious.


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