Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Ocean Exploration
We just got back from a vacation to Washington State. (Around here, there is a small town called Washington. I have to be clear that we went to the Pacific Northwest for our vacation, or folks will think we just spent a week across the river.)

Katie was such a good sport about all the traveling we did. She spent some quality time on four airplanes and four lovely airports. She let strange family members and friends hold her without protest. She slept in unfamiliar cribs and napped in all manner of improvised places.

While traveling, Kate go the hang of taking a bottle. We spent so much time in a car, it was the perfect place to practice a bottle. Now that she is back home and going to day care, she's doing much better. Nothing makes a baby happier than a little milk on the belly.

While in Washington, we visited some old haunts in Seattle, walked along the beach on the Olympic Penninsula, and strolled through the Hoh rain forest.

But the best part of the trip was seeing my sister Sarah get married. She had a beautiful wedding in a meadow in the woods by a lake. It was a perfect day--clear and breezy. People blew bubbles all through the ceremony, which I think should become a new wedding tradition. At the reception, there was a kickin' band. Kate danced a little with her dad.

Ah, my family is spread out coast-to-coast. If only we lived closer together.


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