Sunday, September 24, 2006
And She Knits!
Yes, this is the baby blanket that I started knitting for Katie when I was six-months pregnant. I finally finished it this week. In fact, the blanket is supposed to have a more intricate boarder, but my tired mommy-brain is not up for complicated knitting at this juncture.

Back when I started the blanket, I knew I would be cutting it close if I were to finish it before the baby came. In fact, the first thing I thought of when my midwife told me I needed to go on bedrest was, "now I can finish that blanket!"

But, just a few days after I went on bedrest, Katie was born. So much for that plan! The blanket languished for a few months in my knitting basket until we finally got a bedtime routine down for Katie that gave me a little time to myself in the evening. Nowadays, the only way I can stay up to watch a TV show after Katie goes to bed is to knit. Otherwise, it's snoozeville.

So now that Katie is 5.5 months old, do we even need another baby blanket? Not really. I remember when I started the blanket my sister Heather said that lots of people give new parents blankets, and they aren't that helpful anyway. She was right! We have a pile of blankets we rarely delve into.

So this finished object may just become a doll blanket for Katie down the road.


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