Saturday, September 02, 2006
Green Turtle
It's the end of an era. I've sold my Toyota Tercel to my kid sister Anna. I've owned the car for eight years, and I'd have kept it longer, but getting a baby seat in and out of this two door wonder was killing my back.

The Tercel was my very first car. It's the car I purchased after my divorce while I was living in Seattle, so the car is tied up with strong feelings of independence, freedom, and new beginnings.

Driving the Tercel was always a lot of fun. The car was quick and responsive. It could turn on a dime, and it could fit into the smallest urban parking space. When I first bought it, I could fill up the tank for $9, and a full tank could last for two whole weeks of city driving.

Once, one year at Christmas time, I decided I had to make it to my parents house, even though there was an ice storm turning the highway into a ballroom dance floor. The Tercel negotiated the ice without a problem.

Randy and I drove the Tercel from Seattle to Peoria after we got married. We took two weeks to enjoy the journey, and drove through Canada, spending some time at Banff and Jasper along the way.

After Anna bought the car, she left me a voice mail message. "Just wanted to say I love this car!" she said. "It's so fun to drive." I'm glad the Green Turtle has found a good home.

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