Monday, November 27, 2006
Fashion Shot
Who's this in a cute hand-knit sweater? Why, it's Katie, resident supermodel. She's modeling the latest in baby knits here at PrairieTide

This is a pullover sweater with buttons on top of the shoulders. It's knit in Plymouth Encore yarn, and I think I have enough to knit a pair of leggings (or longies as they are known in the knitting world). If I'm lucky, there may be enough yarn for a matching hat.

The sweater mostly fits. It's a little wide, but maybe that means the sweater can be worn next year. I think I could lengthen they body and the sleeves for another year's use. Maybe I'll use a contrasting color, like they used to do in the "old country" to make a sweater stretch.

Wearing the sweater out today, Katie got lots of complements. Of course, most folks thought she was a darling little boy. I just smile and say "thanks!


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