Thursday, November 02, 2006
I mean "Boo!"

Katie wore her cute cow costume to a halloween party at our playgroup. She also spent an entire day in her costume at daycare. Seeing all the babies roll around in their little outfits was fun. There was a monkey, a superman, and a pumpkin in Katie's class. But who was the cutest? Katie, of course!

The costume was a shower gift from way back when I was pregnant. When I was given the gift, I thought it would be tooooo big for Katie. I couldn't imagine my little baby being big enough to wear this costume. Then, last week when I actually went to put it on her, it barely fit! This girl is growing!

Our Halloween was pretty laid back, otherwise. We get a few neighborhood kids at our door each year. But not nearly enough kids to go through the four bags of candy Randy bought. So I've been doing my duty and eating chocolate like crazy the last few days. I keep this up, and I'll be the one saying "moo!"


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