Wednesday, December 20, 2006
Tummy Time
Yesterday, Katie scootched backwards on her tummy about a foot. I was so proud, I called her dad at work to report the news.

Katie is 8 months, and she's still not very comfortable on her tummy. I probably should have done more tummy time when she was little. I just read an article that said lack of tummy time can lead to developmental and speach delays. Ack! Get this kid onto her tummy--pronto!

Yes, I'm obsessing about this a bit. I love my lap baby. Everyone says once their baby is moble, things just get really hectic. I know, I know, I should relax and "enjoy the journey." Stop and smell the roses. Take time to pick the daisies. Etc.

So, do you have any tricks for getting your baby to enjoy tummy time? If so, leave your ideas in my "comments" box. (So much for relaxing...)

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