Sunday, January 07, 2007
It's not Katie who is cranky today. It's me! Let's see. What got me off on the wrong foot today.

Well, first think is I miss-read all of Katie's sleep signals, and ended up spending the entire morning trying to put her down for a nap. Grrrr. I know I should just go about my day and not obcess about getting her to nap. It just gets me riled, and the nap doesn't come along any sooner. Katie is blissfully snoozing now, so I need to do some deep breathing and just enjoy.

Then, Randy mentioned he wanted to go to his Tai Chi class. Then he handed Katie off to me so he could go surf the web. That was enough to tork me off. Yes, I'm a cranky spouse today. Randy's great with Katie, though he usually considers his play time with her a "break" for me to say go to the restroom or get dressed for the day. I need equal opportunity time to surf too!


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