Monday, February 05, 2007
Games to Play with Baby
We've got a case of cabin fever here at Prairietide. The temperatures have been below 10 degrees all weekend, and the wind is just wicked. So this happy family has been in hybernation for a few days.

Here are the games that Katie likes:
What else? I've made shakers out of plastic bottles and pasta noodles. Looking in the mirror is always a winner. A nice mirror can even cheer Katie up if she is teary. There is also the favorite, "Stand Up in Mommy's Lap" game. And who could forget the "Cling to the Couch for Dear Life" game?

Then there are board books. Katie has really been enjoying her books lately. I have a boardbook with photos of babies doing signs. I've been showing Katie this book for months, but it is just now that she has started to enjoy the pictures. She'll look through this book for a long time.

Katie has enjoyed the Sandra Boynton books for a long time. I think it is the simple drawings, the bright colors, and the fun stories that are the big appeal. Lately, she's started to like the book Everywhere Babies. This is my favorite board book that we have. It always chokes me up when I read it. This this past weekend, Katie started looking at the pictures very intently. It's like she recongizes the pictures a little.

The weather report makes it sound like we're in for a cold spell. So what indoor games do you have for babies?

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