Monday, March 12, 2007
So we've been trying out some new playgroups. We've met lots of nice moms and cute babes.

I also realize I'm not exactly "hip" on playgroup protocol. For instance, as Katie sat on the floor chewing on a block, I heard a couple of moms say "no biting the toys" to their kids. If the kid made a move towards testing their teethies on a toy, the mother quickly swat the toy away.

Granted, chewing on toys spreads colds. But this is basically how Katie plays with toys. She wouldn't know what else to do with the little gizmos in her hands if I said "No biting, sweetie."

So this make me ponder, if I were to enforce a "no chewing" rule, would it only apply to toys at playgroups? Or all brightly colored plastic objects?

Ah, so many rules, so little time. There is a brave, new mommy world out there, and I'm still a newcomer.


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