Tuesday, May 22, 2007
Blue Hawaii
Aloha! We made it to Hawaii!
The Rubsam Clam is staying with with sister Wendy and her family in their lovely home near Waikiki. Little Katie survived a 16 hour flight in good humor the whole way, and after two days, she's adjusted nicely to the time difference.
We've already waded in the surf, eaten pineapple, watched hula dancers, and gone to a barbeque. We've got sand in our shoes and sunburns. So we're practically locals now!
The cousins have kept Katie well entertained. This evening before bedtime, she was crawling like crazy, trying to keep up with John and Emily. Emily has decided she wants to teach Katie how to walk. This involved a mild fall, but Katie survived unscathed. Katie definately likes being around other kids!
Wendy and clan have been very gracious hosts. They greeted us with beautiful flower leis at the airport. They've taken us sightseeing, let us raid their cupboards for snacks and cereal. And they've even provided diapers and wet wipes for the wee one.
Next on the agenda: Pearl Harbor, walking tour of downtown Honolulu, and a hike to a waterfall!


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