Friday, May 25, 2007
Tiki Land--More Sun and Fun
Hanauma Bay. Wendy took me snorkling for my first time since I visited Hanauma Bay back in 1989.

The first thing I saw when I looked under the water with my mask was some kind of water snake or eel. It was bright orange and white striped, and it was swimming right at me. Like a true snorkling pro, I screamed and skittered out of there on my haunches. It took me a while to start enjoying watching little creepy things poking out of the reef.

Once we got started, I was a nervous to breath underwater. I got a little panicked, but Wendy gave me lots of good advice and calmed me right down. I liked how she would stop and ask me how I was doing as we went along.

Once I got the hang of kicking with my fins on and breathing through my mouth, I started to relax and enjoy the experience. The reef was quite shallow (maybe low tide?), so it felt like we had to kick really carefully not to scrape against the coral. The coral was funky and bumpy, and we saw lots of fish. One fish, two fish. Red fish, blue fish.

Nathan and John, ready to go snorkling.

John did really great snorkling. He was just like a little fish himself out there in the water.

Katie trying out the waves. The surf was very gentle, but still a little scary for this girl. She said "bath" as we played in the water.

She also spent a lot of time today waiting for us while we went swimming. Someone was always with her, but it was still a lot of time to just hang out one a little towel in the shade. She just kept to her towel, singing to herself and babbling in her secret baby language. She never did venture off the towel onto the sand. So far, this girl is not crazy about touching icky stuff like grass or sand.

Note to travelers. If you visit Hanauma Bay in the near future, don't forget to stop by the snack bar on the way out. They have some chocolate macadamian nut cookies that are worth the cost of the airplane ticket to the islands alone.


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