Sunday, July 29, 2007
When I saw this book title at the library, I just had to check it out and read it myself: Everything You Never Wanted Your Kids to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid They'd Ask)

I know it is going to be a few more months before Katie starts asks why she can't go pee-pee standing up, and it will probably be a few more years down the road before we need to have that special talk about birthcontrol options, but I like to plan ahead...

This book was actually written with quite a bit of humor. The authors are both doctors. One is a pediatrician and one is a psychiatrist. From the book, it sounds like they also do quite a bit of speaking to parents about how to talk with kids about sex. It sounds like their presentations are usually packed to the rim with anxious parents.

What is the basic concern of all these parents? The authors sum it up thus: "How can I help my daughter have a healthy attitude about sex, and how can I keep her from having any?"

The authors then list a number of "mini lectures" they feel parents should have with their kids over the years. Their perspective is that parents should start young. Junior high is time time they feel parents should be discussing the big "S" topic, because by the time high school rolls around junior has already heard a lot on this subject from someone else. And starting the conversation after age 14 just gets more and more awkward and uncomfortable for all interested parties.

The book also promotes the idea of keeping the conversation going, beyond the initial "birds and the bees" talk. So if your kid is reading Romeo and Juliet, ask him what it was those two were doing when the birds began to sing. And if your young one is assigned The Scarlet Letter, ask her what that letter stood for, anyway?


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