Sunday, August 19, 2007
Raise your hands if you are cute!
New Katie tricks:

She can climb up on the couch, and then she will usually climb back down without landing on her head (usually).

She can climb up both sets of stairs, though by the time she reaches the top she lets out a big sigh, "whew!"

Katie can pick out the book she wants to read.

She also lets me know what snack she wants to have, and she usually always wants cheese.

On occasion, she'll utter a two word sentence. Tonight she said "bye wa" (short for "bye-bye water") when we emptied her bathtub after her bath tonight.

She can do some "potty talk." She can say "peepeepee" and "poopoopoo" and "potty."

She can "help" with all kinds of tasks, like putting clothes in the drier, washing off her high chair tray, and drying her own hands.

Have I mentioned that I think she is brilliant?


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