Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Like the tie-dye t-shirts? The students I work with wanted to do tie-dying at the party we held a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to practice a little before the big event, so Randy and I made these four t-shirts for Katie.

We ordered the dyes from the Dharma Trading Co. (Lost fans will be relieved to know this company has no connection with the Dharma Initiative). They are chemical-reactive dyes, which results in a lot brighter colors than the old Rit dyes we used at Girls Camp.

Using these dyes is a bit complicated. You need to soak the cloth in a soda bath before applying the dyes. Preparing the dyes takes some time, too. One of the students who made a shirt got a small burn on her arm from the soda bath (she was wearing gloves, but the liquid splashed over the top of her glove). So while the students at my college loved this project, I'm a little hesitant to do another round without some assistance from one of our chemistry professors.


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