Sunday, September 24, 2006
And She Knits!
Yes, this is the baby blanket that I started knitting for Katie when I was six-months pregnant. I finally finished it this week. In fact, the blanket is supposed to have a more intricate boarder, but my tired mommy-brain is not up for complicated knitting at this juncture.

Back when I started the blanket, I knew I would be cutting it close if I were to finish it before the baby came. In fact, the first thing I thought of when my midwife told me I needed to go on bedrest was, "now I can finish that blanket!"

But, just a few days after I went on bedrest, Katie was born. So much for that plan! The blanket languished for a few months in my knitting basket until we finally got a bedtime routine down for Katie that gave me a little time to myself in the evening. Nowadays, the only way I can stay up to watch a TV show after Katie goes to bed is to knit. Otherwise, it's snoozeville.

So now that Katie is 5.5 months old, do we even need another baby blanket? Not really. I remember when I started the blanket my sister Heather said that lots of people give new parents blankets, and they aren't that helpful anyway. She was right! We have a pile of blankets we rarely delve into.

So this finished object may just become a doll blanket for Katie down the road.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

The most beautiful sound in the world is a baby's giggle. My baby is pretty smiley, but she is just starting to let us hear her giggle.

Here are some sure-fire ways to make Katie laugh:

Yeah! Great Fun!
Wednesday, September 06, 2006
New Wheels
Here's the replacement to the Tercel--a brand new Toyota Corolla.

It has lots in common with the T--fun to drive, asy manuverability--plus it has a few more creature comforts, like adjustable seats and a CD changer. I also like the side-impact air bags and the "latch" system for car seats.

Just writing this, I have the urge to take her onto the freeway and drive off into "Illinois Big Sky Country", just to see what she can do.

Saturday, September 02, 2006
Green Turtle
It's the end of an era. I've sold my Toyota Tercel to my kid sister Anna. I've owned the car for eight years, and I'd have kept it longer, but getting a baby seat in and out of this two door wonder was killing my back.

The Tercel was my very first car. It's the car I purchased after my divorce while I was living in Seattle, so the car is tied up with strong feelings of independence, freedom, and new beginnings.

Driving the Tercel was always a lot of fun. The car was quick and responsive. It could turn on a dime, and it could fit into the smallest urban parking space. When I first bought it, I could fill up the tank for $9, and a full tank could last for two whole weeks of city driving.

Once, one year at Christmas time, I decided I had to make it to my parents house, even though there was an ice storm turning the highway into a ballroom dance floor. The Tercel negotiated the ice without a problem.

Randy and I drove the Tercel from Seattle to Peoria after we got married. We took two weeks to enjoy the journey, and drove through Canada, spending some time at Banff and Jasper along the way.

After Anna bought the car, she left me a voice mail message. "Just wanted to say I love this car!" she said. "It's so fun to drive." I'm glad the Green Turtle has found a good home.


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